Thanks to the use of technologically advanced design solutions, Sanoyay uses a new pocket spring system that can provide durable personalized support, outstanding ergonomics and pleasant cushioning for each potential customer. Numerous pocket springs allow the mattress to better adapt to the column.

The bag spring technology provides the traditional support of spring mattresses and greater softness that embraces the whole body. Bag spring mattresses are made to adapt to the spine, support the body correctly, and prevent back and muscle cramps. One of the advantages of bag spring mattresses is that they provide good ventilation inside the mattress thanks to the side holes where the vents are applied. For this reason, these beds are perfect for people who have sweating problems during their sleep.

Currently, mattresses with packed springs are some of the best, best-selling and longest-lasting mattresses on the market.

  • ✅ Ergonomic support
  • ✅ Independence in Movement
  • ✅ Safe
  • ✅ High indoor ventilation
  • ✅ Hypoallergenic